The Magic School with Christine Olivia

Life is full of MAGIC!

Can you remember when you were free to play and bursting with creativity?

Do you remember when life was full of Magic?

When you were fully tapped into your truth and remembered you had magic within you and the power to live a life leading from the heart?


In the the most divine way to start out 2022!

In the NEW Year we will be gathering every Sunday for 6 weeks of PURE Magic!!

In this course:

Cacao Ceremony Teachings

Healing the Inner-Child

Chakra Awakening and Cleansing

Plant Magic and Herbology

Magical Alter Building

Soul-path Activation

Gratitude Manifestation Practices

Elemental Rituals

Magical Meditations and Guided Journeys

Creating Your Own Sacred Gatherings

Telegram Tribe

You Are Made of MAGIC

You can live a life of Magic now!

You can remember and forever know that you are A Child of MAGIC able to tap into your truth, give yourself permission to PLAY, live in your fullest expression, and be one with the MAGIC! Able to shine your MAGIC out into the world!

Are you ready to remember your magic and live a life full of MAGIC?

The loving Ancestors are calling you to REMEMBER!

I haven't always remembered my magic. It took me forgetting to know how good it feels to remember? It took me forgetting to learn how to EMBODY my MAGIC!

6 Weeks of Pure Magic beginning January 9th at 4pm EST.





PREREQUISITE: A CHILD OF MAGIC book is the only book required to have before you join. This understanding will serve as prerequisite knowledge throughout our time together.

This is a book that is playful and deeply healing for the inner-child.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Magic School is going to be live meetings via zoom and will be recorded if you'd like to watch at your own pace.

The sessions will be every Sunday for 6 magical weeks.

Highly recommend to have a cup of our favorite plant ally ceremonial cacao with each session to assist you in your opening and becoming.

This course is closed for enrollment.