The Magic School with Christine Olivia

Do you ever lost or disconnected? Like you've lost touch with that spark that once ignited your world? Don't worry, the magic of life hasn't disappeared, it's merely hidden, ready to be rediscovered.

Remember how, as a child, you'd dive into your imagination and creativity? When each day held the promise of a new adventure, when life was full of mystery and Magic?

Perhaps you long for the times when you felt deeply in sync with yourself, confident in the knowledge that you had a unique magic of your own.

The magic hasn't vanished. It's still within you, like a book waiting to be opened. Life can still be a heart-led journey, full of awe and wonder. So go ahead, dust off those pages, and let the magic of your life unfold anew.

Prerecorded videos of 6 weeks of PURE Magic!!

what you will receive:

Cacao Ceremony Teachings

Healing the Inner-Child

Chakra Awakening and Cleansing

Plant Magic and Herbology

Magical Alter Building

Soul-path Activation

Gratitude Manifestation Practices

Elemental Rituals

Magical Meditations and Guided Journeys

Creating Your Own Sacred Gatherings

Imagine for a moment living a life brimming with Magic, starting now!

Picture yourself fully aware of your inherent MAGIC, effortlessly tuning into your innermost truth, and unapologetically living the life of your wildest dreams.

Imagine stepping into your most radiant self, becoming one with the MAGIC that pulsates within you, shining your radiant light and magic out into the world!

Are you ready to awaken and embrace a life charged with MAGIC? Your loving Ancestors beckon you to remember, to harness this untapped potential within.

I haven't always remembered my magic. It took me forgetting to know how good it feels to remember!

6 Weeks of Pure Magic can start now!




The Magic School includes prerecorded videos that you can watch at your own pace.

Highly recommend to have a cup of our favorite plant ally ceremonial cacao with each session to assist you in your opening and becoming.